Talks and presentations

2023-12: Hydra & Saturn for LLMs at Scale
Meta Research

2023-12: Benchmarking, Analyzing, and Optimizing Open-Source LLM Serving Infrastructure
ML Platform Meetup 2023

2023-10: Democratizing Fine-tuning of Open-Source Large Models with Joint Systems Optimization
ODSC West 2023

2023-09: InTune: Reinforcement Learning-based Data Pipeline Optimization for Deep Recommendation Models
ACM RecSys 2023

2022-09: Scaling out Data Loading, Preprocessing, and Parallel Training for Recommendation Models
ML Platform Meetup 2023

2022-01: Hydra: A System for Large-Scale Multi-Model Deep Learning
Statistical and Visual Computing Lab, UC San Diego

2021-08: Optimizing ASR Lattice-RNN Training Pipelines
Apple Machine Hearing Research Seminar

2021-07: Applications of Systems Research in Machine Learning Pipelines
Apple Siri Research Seminar

2021-06: Gradient-based Algorithms for Machine Teaching
CVPR (Poster)

2020-08: Deep Learning for Multi-Modal Data in Mobile Environments
Apple Machine Hearing Research Seminar

2020-05: Model Parallelism and Data Management
UC San Diego Databases Seminar

2020-01: Using Deep Neural Networks to Predict Sensor Response and Geology Ahead of a TBM
Intelligent Systems for Transportation Tunnel Analysis Webinar

2020-01: Machine Learning for Tunnel Excavation
University of Colorado, Boulder